Landlord registration fees

When you apply to be a landlord you are required to pay a fee. This is used to process your application.

The fee is broken down into a principal fee and a property fee. The correct fee must be paid when you apply for registration.

Available exemptions or discounts are automatically applied:

Please note: fees cannot be refunded if an application is refused.

Principal and property fees explained

Application Type Fees
Application with a single local authority £80
Two or more applications with different local authorities £40 per local authority
Property cost for each property rented out by the landlord £18
Late application £160

Other fees

Late fee

You must renew your registration every 3 years if you wish to continue to act as a landlord. If you do not renew your registration before it expires, you’ll be charged a late fee of £160. The late fee also applies to unregistered landlords who have received two requests to register from the local authority.

Please note: Late fees do not have any discount applied.

Property Management

If you use a letting agent to manage your property they should be registered on the Letting Agent Register.

If someone else manages your property

If your property is managed by someone who is not a letting agent, such as a family member or power of attorney they’ll need to register with the local authority on the Landlord Register as an agent and pay the same principal fee. The same discounts apply.

You’ll be liable for the fee as part of your application if your agent:

How to pay

You can pay online using a debit or credit card. If you register through your local authority, speak to them about payment options.